DeathStorm ’09

Des Moines ended up with about 15.5″ of snow when it was all done.
Once the snow was finished the 40-50 MPH winds hit.
Once the winds were done, the temp hit -10.

And I was stuck at home… with no coffee. Deathstorm, indeed.

Yesterday, every doctor’s office, heating and cooling company,
hospice office etc etc.. was closed.

For every office that was closed, thousands of people called and
asked “why are they closed?”  I wanted to kill them all. Deathstorm, indeed.

Yesterday I was “in rotation” for 11 hrs. “In rotation” means answering calls
with the operators. From 7am-6pm. Most of the managers worked the same.
All of our operators were able to make it in but one.  Three of us are able
to sign in from home and answer from there and all three of us did, including
the manager who was on vacation.

On Wednesday Dec 2nd we took 2065 calls in a 24 hr period
On Wednesday Dec 9th we took 7116 in a 24 hr period.
I took 565.  One other manager too 765! How the hell is she so fast!?!?!

At one point yesterday I went “out of rotation” and got my winter gear (aka: Ice cleats)
and went to see what my garage looked like. The doors to my building were drifted
over and I couldn’t even go outside! Deathhhhhstormmmmmmm 09

Today, I worked from home, but it was much much slower. Thank god.
I finally was able to get out of building (with my can of deicer and kitchen mop
in hand) and went to look at my garage. Hmm.. a Kitchen Mop wasn’t going to work very well as a shovel-substitute. Lucky for me, two old (like 80!) men were cleaning the sidewalk by the garages and they agreed to help me out. Yay elderly snowblowin’ men!

Anyway.. here are a couple of  “during the storm” pics and then some of the garages. Enjoy!


2 responses to “DeathStorm ’09

  1. I’ve been thinking about this. You should move.

    Also, during the hours of horrible calls, did you ever say in response to their questions of why places weren’t open – “Deathstorm! Hello!?!”

    Come to Georgia. It’s all soggy.

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