The Donut Disconnect

I am sure you have all had this problem. You are at the grocery store.. toolin’ your little cart around. Clutching your little grocery list.. sticking to what was on your meal plan.

Then the next thing you know… you are at home, in front of the computer with a sack full of donuts in front of you. How did I get here? Wait! How they hell did those donuts get there???

The last you knew you were in the produce aisle.. you wheeled out to the back aisle. You saw the donut case… you knew you would go past it. You are positive you went past it. Yet here you… with a sack of donuts.

You’ve been a victim of the………..

Donut Disconnect! Ack!!!!!!!

Yes. I am a donut addict. Chocolate Frosted Cake donuts. Heaven.

There seems to be a disconnect in my brain where donuts are concerned -and I am sure there is one for Pizza as well, but that’s another blog!.  Anyway, I really do intentionally ignore the donut case. I mean maybe I glance in it. Maybe I pick up one of those little waxy bags.. and maybe a donut or two… or three end up in there.  I really don’t get it. I have the best intentions. Hell, there is one grocery store near me that I avoid all together because they make the best chocolate frosted cake donuts. So really… I am trying!

And failing.

And failing.

So my December 17th resolution is this: No more donuts for the rest of the year. Yeah, I know that is only two weeks, but you know,  a girl’s gotta start somewhere.

Oh and Pizza… yes, you… watch out, you are the one that is outta here next!


2 responses to “The Donut Disconnect

  1. The Dreaded Donut Downfall!!!

    You will regroup and get past this!!

    But if any more do happen to show up at your house, just FedEx ’em to me and I’ll take care of them.

    • Hmm…. I just ate two more! I stepped on the scale today in preparation for
      Monday’s offical weight in and I am up. Depressed.. I bought more donuts.

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