A New Day

Tomorrow is weigh-in day.


The day I will crawl into the fetal position and cry like a baby.

That weight loss ticker in the margin is going to go the wrong way tomorrow. Donuts, pizza and just really bad eating habits this past month.

So I will weigh in and get my new workout plan and start again. Tomorrow is a new day. A New Day.

I bought a lot of chicken today at the store. Well enough for three meals. I know that I have to eat more chicken. More Chicken, less donuts. My problem with chicken is I find it very boring unless it is jazzed up somehow. Peanut sauce and brown rice maybe? Maybe a little tarragon lemon cream sauce (yes I know.. cream bad! That’s why I said “a little!”).  So I am going to start looking for good chicken recipes.. things that are easy to make, but with some flavor.

I also have about 7 or 8 Weight Watchers cook books that I bought when I was going WW a couple years ago. I pulled them out recently, marked some recipes and then never made them. I need to make a resolution to try and make on recipe out of  them a week.  Though I shouldn’t have used the word resolution. That’s a set up for failure!

I can’t wait for a new workout routine. The one I have been doing for the past two weeks has probably been about the hardest one yet.  I have started to blog about it several times, but blogging about it just made me tired.. let alone actually doing it.

Maybe tomorrow, I will get a routine that is nothing but stretches. I doubt it, but a girl can dream!


One response to “A New Day

  1. Happy weigh-in day! Chicken, by nature, is boring. I poach chicken until I know it’s really done which, for me, is when those juices that are supposed to run clear don’t run at all and then, boring eater that I am, I use ketchup. Sometimes I use those Ocean Spray canned cranberries or yogurt. Shake and Bake has some boneless chicken breast products that aren’t bad. Good luck at the weigh-in!

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