Get up…

I really do plan on writing another post.. soon. Really. I am.

After my last weigh in when I gained 4 lbs back, I got a little depressed and my defeatest “you are unworthy” attitude took over.. just in time for Christmas.

And bad weather, being on call and denial led to me only going to work out 5 times in a two week span, instead of my goal of 5 times a week.  Arg!

However… it’s Wednesday… there’s a snow storm outside, and I went to work out for the 3rd time this week. I met with Amanda yesterday and weighed in -we moved my weigh in to our first meeting  in the month instead of the last. And so in two weeks I lost 5 lbs. So there I go.. moving and moving the scale in the right direction.

So I will post more later. Ideas are moving around in the head. Churning away. In fact somewhere here I have an unfinished draft that I need to complete and post.

So back to it…

After all, if you trip on the stairs you don’t just sit there and forget to keep going.  Get up.. and start moving again.


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