The Workout Whine

I haven’t been blogging much because I feel like a failure. A big fat (literally!) failure.  Full of impending doom! And gloom! And more doom!

Maybe that is because it’s weigh-in week. Arg. Friday is the day.  I need to dress in nothing but chiffon that day.. or is there an even lighter fabric I could wear?

Do they make workout clothes in Tulle?

I remember when I was in Weight Watchers, they had a little sign at each weigh-in station “You must leave your clothes on to weigh in”. Really? Do I gotta?

Maybe I will weigh all my work out clothes Thursday night to make sure I am wearing the least weight.

Maybe I need to quit obsessing so.

I am looking forward to Friday though because I will get a new workout.  This current one is “strength” and it is a killer. Literally! I am sure by the time I get to the end of each set and go to do skull crushers I am going to crush my skull! She moved me from a 15lb dumbbell to a 20 for them. Wow. Luckily when it is strength week, I only have to do a set of 10 instead of 20. This is sort of what I am talking about except with a single weigh, hands on each end:

She also has me using a 20 for my chest press, and I am thinking I might drop that 20 on my chest and bruise a lung or two. One these I am doing one arm at a time:

That’s not the worst though. I have to do this one exercise  where I step up on a step platform, do a bi-cep curl and then move one arm over my head. Not only did she move the weight up to 15 this time, but she added a riser on to the step so now I do it with three risers.

11-26-09 013

So for me, I am leading with the right leg, stepping up to a platform up on 3 risers, doing my bicep curl, and then extending the right arm up over my head. Bring that down and step down, then repeat but lead with left leg and extend  the left arm. I have a weaker left leg from a fall a few years ago, and so leading with the left is hard for me.

Here’s the style of step, this one has 2 risers:

See full size image

Most of the other stuff I have is just normal, nothing too much to whine about.

Single leg press -like this except laying flat and only one leg at a time- 70 lbs:

See full size image

Hamstring curl:

A standing row:

Body Solid G1S Standing Row

Oh and my pre-strength stuff is 30 mins of cardio (elliptical) and then 60 seconds modified plank:

30 seconds a side on side planks:

Side Plank Exercise
And then after my strength, I do crunches with a 15 lb kettle ball

And then my reverse crunches

After doing two sets of everything (I do set of 20 of the two crunches) I am one exhausted and sweaty chick! My cats are lucky that I don’t come home and crumple in a little ball.  No, I feed them and then crumple in a little ball.

I don’t know what Amanda has on schedule for me on Friday, but I fear it’s going to be one of those weeks were I do cardio intervals after every two exercises. I was lucky I was able to walk after those last time!

Well I hope I didn’t get too Copy and Paste happy with the pictures. I just like to actually show what it is that I am doing. I also don’t know why that step picture took so much white space, but it won’t let me delete it. *sigh*

If I survive Friday, I will report in!


3 responses to “The Workout Whine

  1. I have seen guys at the health club but it on 8 or more risers and then jump up on them. I could only think that would be something needed if you were a basketball player, but the one guy I saw was probably about my height 5’5″. So I have no idea what the point of that would be.

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