The Enemy Returns: The Bosu is back!

Why won’t this thing leave me alone!!!

It’s back.. and it’s mocking me…

BOSU Balance Trainer Home

Look at it. It’s the face.. or at least the half-ball… of evil.

So I go to meet Amanda. Weigh in day, you know. My best guess is that maybe the new exercise plan will be flexibility. However  Amanda has other plans.  Like the Bosu of Death.

Amanda was recently featured in a local weekly newspaper as she for one of the teams in a “Biggest Loser” type contest this paper sponsors. In her interview, when asked what one of her favorite things in the gym to use, she said those evil words. The Bosu.

Now, okay.. I didn’t meet my weight loss goal this month. I missed it by
.4 lbs. Yes, 4/10 of a pound. I wouldn’t have thought that would lead to
this.. not this workout! Ack!!!
This new workout has BOSU written all over it. ALL OVER IT.  Literally.

Okay here is the plan:

1 One the mat: Modified Planks & Modified side planks.
2- The Bosu. I have to do a single arm chest press while standing on one leg on
the bosu.  Yes, your read that right! I have to get up on the bosu, my back
to the cable machine, stand on one leg, and pull my arm forward.
Here’s the deal. Last time I had to do this, it was on two legs and I still couldn’t
successfully stay on the bosu for 20 reps.  Because your back is to the machine and the stack of weights,  it pulls you backwards and because you
are standing on a half ball full of air, it often succeeds. Now do it on one foot.
Needless to say, by the end of the first set, Amanda crossed “one foot” off my
3- Next, because we don’t want to leave the bosu lonely, we are going to do
lunges with the bosu.  So step on the ball with one foot, lunge, step back.
Easy enough.  Sure okay..
4- Back on the bosu and back on one foot. Arg. This time it is for one arm
rows, so  the cable machine, and luckily, facing the machine.
I didn’t fall off twice for ever rep this time, but I didn’t trust myself to put
my foot too high up, and I didn’t trust myself to leave it up longer than two
reps at a time.
5- And then we finally get to walk away from the bosu (for now!) and go to the
stability ball, roll out on my back and do skull crunches with a 20 lb bar bell.
Doing 20 reps this time instead of 10 like last time. Whew..
6- Now lets take that ball to the mat and do ham string curls. Lay down
on your back, feet planted on the ball and hips in the air. Roll the ball towards
you and then back out. I could really feel that in my hamstrings today!
7- And lastly, because you don’t want to say goodbye to your enemies
too soon.. back to the bosu.  This time I am getting on the floor, laying with my back on the bosu, so my lower back hits the top of the bosu, and doing

So that’s the plan. For the next two weeks. It can’t end soon enough.

Also Amanda told me that they are running a February special for personal training and since I see her twice a month for 30 minutes at $30 a session, she can offer me an additional 5 sessions for $15 each, so that I could meet with her once a week, instead of every other week.  So by taking that package, I would get to work out once a week for approximately 2 and a half months. I am certainly going to do it. I have tried to ramp up the number of times a week I workout (tomorrow will be day #5 this week) as well as ramping up my cardio, I think this is something that will really help push me also.

I am now 20 lbs away from the lowest I hit when I did weight watchers 5 years ago, and I really want to get past that mark, and get on with it.

That’s the plan. I’m ready. Bosu or no Bosu.


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