If You Try Sometimes…

You just might find, you get what you need….

Is that true? Hmm. I was thinking about this on the way home from the gym the other night. The Stones were playing on the CD Player and Mick was telling this to me:

You can’t always get what you want,

But if you try sometimes,

You might find,

You get what you need.

The key, of course, is in that one little three letter word: Try.

Keep on tryin’.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Sometimes trying is the hardest thing.  It’s human nature to try and fail and learn from that and try again. Right? However, doesn’t that sometimes make you want to never try again. It’s hard.  Failure isn’t pretty, but is the lesson worth it? Maybe. Most likely.

I have failed, alot, and am probably the first one to admit that failure scares me.  Yet, in 6 years I have belonged to 6 different workout facilities.  A couple probably only lasted a month or so. I get bored, I get lazy. I stop going. I failed.  Those won’t be the last time I fail. I am sure there is a lifetime of failure ahead of me. Sometimes I will avoid it, and sometimes I will just keep trying.

You can’t succeed if you don’t try.

Sometimes you try and try and try, yet you still fall off the little blue half ball of evil.  You grit your teeth, you mumble a few choice four letter words, and then you step back on.  Unfortunately this exercise is supposed to be done standing on the blue half-ball of evil on only one foot.  And you so fall off again.  And again. And again. And again. Seriously, I could fill up this whole For a short time, a few years ago, I belonged to a fitness center that wasn’t a good fit for me. I tried to quit and the owner called me up and talked me into staying for another month. He said “I know it’s hard to get in here, but all you really have to do is walk in the door. That’s the hardest part.”

Okay, it’s not quite as hard as standing on only one foot on the blue half-ball of evil, but it’s close. Isn’t that what often keeps you from working out? Just walking in the door?

There are days (most days) when I can’t bear the idea of going there and trying to do 30 minutes on the elliptical. I find it so boring. And sweat inducing!  I know that if I can just walk in the door, I can play enough mind games with myself to get that 30 minutes of cardio in. I just have to walk in the door.

We have to try.

So I’ll keep on trying.

What about you?


All Talk and No Loss?

Well, long time no blog!

I don’t know why I have blogged in over a month. I think I am feeling like I am not getting where I need to go and am letting that get to me. Am I all talk and no loss? I don’t know. I had hoped to be at the 50lb loss mark and seem to be holding steady at about 45.  Good, yet not good enough.

I have been working out with Amanda once a week instead of twice a month. Except for one week when I wasn’t feeling good, I have been getting to the gym 5 times a week.  My problem has, as always been my diet and self control. I have to turn in a food diary to Amanda every week, and I have been trying  hard to be good and make good choices.  A week ago friday we discussed the fact that my diet is carb heavy. I had been eating Multi-grain Cheerios for breakfast, an english muffin with peanut butter for lunch, and usually brown rice with my dinner.  So last week I dropped the english muffin for a salad and yogurt. I whined on Facebook about it, but I lived.

Now this past Friday Amanda says she really wants me to cut out as much of the carbs as I can and focus on protein. Protein and Veggies are the answer… according to Amanda.  Ugh.

So this is my diet plan for the week:

Breakfast: I just finished baking Mini-quiches made with egg beaters, canadian bacon and 2% cheese. I will eat 3 for breakfast.

Morning Snack: Dried Cranberries with slivered almonds and chopped walnuts

Afternoon Snack: Either a protein bar (Zone Bars) or a protein drink (Muscle Milk Light). Both  are about 15 g of protein. I think the bar is higher in carbs though.  So Muscle Milk might win that one.

Lunch (I eat my lunch late so that actually comes after my afternoon snack): Salad (spring mix) and yogurt. I grilled a chicken breast with Kung Pao sauce on it, and then shredded it to add to the salad. The yogurt I bought this week is Blue Bunny Light. It seemed to have about the lowest sugar content of the ones I looked at. I don’t do well with Splenda so often I can’t even buy light yogurt, just regular, but I think this will be okay.

Dinner: I am still doing a lot of stir-fry and this has helped me move from red meat to chicken on most of my meals. Now I need to pull back on the brown rice, so this week we will be going riceless.  Oh yeah, I have to have a salad with dinner too.

Somewhere in the mix I am also drinking a cup of V8 Fusion which is one serving fruit and one serving vegetable.  So in the last month or so I have gone from having maybe 1 serving of veggies – a salad; to having almost 5-6 servings a day of fruit and vegetables.  Shouldn’t I be seeing some change on the scale? ARG!!!

So I am trying. And trying. My next weigh-in is in Mid May, and I would really like to see a big number in that loss column.

Fingers crossed for that.