All Talk and No Loss?

Well, long time no blog!

I don’t know why I have blogged in over a month. I think I am feeling like I am not getting where I need to go and am letting that get to me. Am I all talk and no loss? I don’t know. I had hoped to be at the 50lb loss mark and seem to be holding steady at about 45.  Good, yet not good enough.

I have been working out with Amanda once a week instead of twice a month. Except for one week when I wasn’t feeling good, I have been getting to the gym 5 times a week.  My problem has, as always been my diet and self control. I have to turn in a food diary to Amanda every week, and I have been trying  hard to be good and make good choices.  A week ago friday we discussed the fact that my diet is carb heavy. I had been eating Multi-grain Cheerios for breakfast, an english muffin with peanut butter for lunch, and usually brown rice with my dinner.  So last week I dropped the english muffin for a salad and yogurt. I whined on Facebook about it, but I lived.

Now this past Friday Amanda says she really wants me to cut out as much of the carbs as I can and focus on protein. Protein and Veggies are the answer… according to Amanda.  Ugh.

So this is my diet plan for the week:

Breakfast: I just finished baking Mini-quiches made with egg beaters, canadian bacon and 2% cheese. I will eat 3 for breakfast.

Morning Snack: Dried Cranberries with slivered almonds and chopped walnuts

Afternoon Snack: Either a protein bar (Zone Bars) or a protein drink (Muscle Milk Light). Both  are about 15 g of protein. I think the bar is higher in carbs though.  So Muscle Milk might win that one.

Lunch (I eat my lunch late so that actually comes after my afternoon snack): Salad (spring mix) and yogurt. I grilled a chicken breast with Kung Pao sauce on it, and then shredded it to add to the salad. The yogurt I bought this week is Blue Bunny Light. It seemed to have about the lowest sugar content of the ones I looked at. I don’t do well with Splenda so often I can’t even buy light yogurt, just regular, but I think this will be okay.

Dinner: I am still doing a lot of stir-fry and this has helped me move from red meat to chicken on most of my meals. Now I need to pull back on the brown rice, so this week we will be going riceless.  Oh yeah, I have to have a salad with dinner too.

Somewhere in the mix I am also drinking a cup of V8 Fusion which is one serving fruit and one serving vegetable.  So in the last month or so I have gone from having maybe 1 serving of veggies – a salad; to having almost 5-6 servings a day of fruit and vegetables.  Shouldn’t I be seeing some change on the scale? ARG!!!

So I am trying. And trying. My next weigh-in is in Mid May, and I would really like to see a big number in that loss column.

Fingers crossed for that.


3 responses to “All Talk and No Loss?

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  2. I love your posts, so raw, so pure, so out there, so you Susan! You help me be motivated and help me take an honest look at what I should be doing. Thank you for that! Keep it up the good work! YOu can shed those 5 lbs! I know you can!

    • Thanks Mary!! I appreciate it. I am trying.. and trying to remember that if you fall down the steps, you don’t just lay there, but you get up and go the rest of the way. Once I get these 5 lbs gone.. I still have a way to go, but I am hopeful I will get there!

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