382 Days to 50.

How did that happen? 382 Days,  9 hours and 27 minutes.. according to the countdown clock on my computer. Who the hell would put a countdown clock on their computer for when they turn 50? Uh.. Me.  382 Days, 9 hours, 24 minutes and 7 seconds. Wow, that seems like self torture.

So I have lost 50 pounds. Last year my Doctor told me he wanted me to lose 30-50 lbs with in a year. I hit that, but I really wanted to do more. Do better.  Now I have a year.. well 382 days until I hit 50 and that is the real goal I set for myself. I would be happy with another 50, but really… in the small crevices of my brain, I keep thinking about 70.  That would be my ultimate goal.  I will be okay if I just get that other 50 though.

So what does a 50 lb weight loss do for you? It’s amazing! Two weeks ago was the Indy Car race at Iowa. That was to be the real test. Could I handle being there both days? Would I die climbing up to the 34th row in the stands? If I got lucky, I wouldn’t have to find out the answer to the last one…. and I got lucky.

Three Fridays in a row I have won something on Twitter. Another crevice in the brain keeps saying “Get thee to the casino” but I am ignoring that one. Yesterday I won a crew shirt from Panther Racing, a week ago I won some free cat treats, which the cats are refusing to eat, and race weekend, I won pit and garage passes from Newman Haas Racing. And if I was lucky, that would also include Race Mode pit passes.  Did I mention that I had been lucky lately? Race Mode pit passes are amazing!

We ended up spending a lot of time in the Newman Haas pit box, but we did make it to the stands for the support races on Saturday. We never climbed to our assigned row. Row 34? Oh my. I think we settled in to about row 17 or something like that. However, every so often I would look behind me and think… wow, that’s a long way up there… I hope to hell we get those race mode pit passes!  By the end of Saturday night, I was ready to go back on Sunday. When I asked my brother what time he was picking me up Sunday morning he said “10am”  I told him “No. 9am at the latest.” Well we ended up at the track at about 10:30 and found out we did have the Race Mode pit passes! I think I sat down once that day, at about 12:30 and it was my brother’s suggestion. I felt fine. I felt like a different person from the first race two years ago! I will admit that at the end of the race, we were taking one more walk through the garage area and I felt my feet just say “No More”.  They were pretty unhappy that they still had to walk me to the car.  But we, my feet and I, survived to live another day.
So I am pretty happy with myself and feel like I actually reached a goal I set for myself, especially since I am not a very goal oriented person. Or at least a successful goal oriented person.
Here are a couple links from my two days at the track.


And Sunday- until my camera died:


I am also trying to set some goals for this blog. I have a friend who write a great blog and she does entries like  “Wordless Wednesday” (Here’s her link: http://pinkiefae.blogspot.com/ ) so I thought I would steal from her a little bit and try to do a couple days. Magazine Monday will feature ideas or articles that I find in a few magazines I subscribe to, like Fitness and Health.  And then Fitness Friday, since that is the day I work out with my trainer and get my new routine for the week, so I can write more about what I am doing on a weekly basis.  Let’s see if I hit those goals!

Oh and one last update: 382 Days,  8 hours, 43 minutes and 5 seconds until I turn 50. Oh my.


2 responses to “382 Days to 50.

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I know you can do the 50 and 70 wouldn’t surprise me. You’ve been very dedicated and inspiring. I have been following along and I am trying to get in a mind set to work on my weight recently. I did it before. 30 pounds. It made me very proud of myself but I remember how hard it was. I did it mostly for vanity then but now need to do it every bit as much for my health. Like I said, I remember how hard it was for me to stick to the weight loss and that didn’t even include working out like you do. I know it hasn’t been easy for you but you have been inspiring to me.

    • It’s really hard to get into the mindset. I have been struggling a lot later. All I have to do is see the letter “P” on something and I am ordering a Pizza. Damn Pizza Hut and their $10 anyway you want it Pizzas. So I had a pizza blowout this weekend and today is a new (well almost over) day,so I am starting again.
      And you know you can do it, so that is part of the battle there. Just look over
      at ol’ Bean and she will be your inspiration. Remember if you trip on the steps you don’t just sit there and give up.. you get back up and keep gong (well as long as you didn’t break your back or anything.)

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