Magazine Monday: Let’s get cultured!

I eat a yogurt every morning for breakfast. My doctor had told me a couple years ago that he wanted me to start doing so, but I couldn’t find one I liked. Well that is a lie. I live in Iowa and here our local dairy (Anderson-Erickson) is a legend. A god of dairy. Their yogurt sucks. I tried Yoplait Whipped but after finishing the container it was like I hadn’t eaten anything at all.

Amanda suggested yogurt as a source of protein and one better for me in the morning than an english muffin. So the search for tasty yogurt began. Amanda wants me to stay away from Fruit flavored and to watch the amount of sugar.  So every morning I have a vanilla yogurt. I tend to get one of three brands: Blue Bunny light, Fiber One or Dannon Light and Fit.  I have had problems with the Dannon singles foil tops coming open before I get home, so if I buy them, I look for the 4 or 6 packs they now come in. Fiber One comes in 4 packs and are little 50 calorie cups. I seem as full from them as I do from the larger cups – must be that extra fiber. I think my grocery store is phasing them out though, so I guess it is Blue Bunny Lite 80 calorie yogurt for me. Also I recently tried the Yoplait version of Activia and it was horrible. I couldn’t even finish it and threw the others in the 4-pack away.

A couple weeks ago Fitness Magazine had an article on Yogurt called “Get Cultured”.  It’s the April edition so I guess it was more than a few weeks ago. Anyway…. here’s what it said:

1- Yogurt can give you flat abs

Eat 18 oz a day and you can drop a jeans size. People who ate that much as well we cutting back on their regular calories lost 22 percent more weight and 81 percent more belly fat than other dieters who skipped the snack.  It also helped you retain more 1/3rd more muscle mass that helps you maintain your weight loss.

And yes, that 81% is not a typo!  I think I need to eat about 2 more containers of Yogurt!

2- Most brands contain good-for-you bacteria

Look for “live and active cultures” on the container and that means that it contains probiotics that are beneficial to your digestive tract.  Many companies now contain a special strain of probiotics to help regulate and strengthen your digestive tract. Research on them isn’t conclusive, however.

3- Yogurt is loaded with vitamins

One serving is a significant source of potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamin B12.

4- A cup a day helps you recover faster from a workout

Amanda wants me to have a serving of protein within 30 minutes after I workout.  Fitness magazine says to have it within 60 minutes and they said that Greek yogurt is the best for this. Protein provides amino acids your muscles need to repair themselves.  Drink a lot of water at the same time and it will help the water get to your intestines, improving hydration.

5- Not all yogurt is equal when it comes to calcium and Vitamin D

Levels can differ widely from brand to brand. How much that is in the container depends on processing. Fruit yogurt has less calcium than plain because of the sugar and fruit that take up precious space in the container. This article recommends Stoneyfield Farms Fat Free Smooth and Creamy, and Yoplait light thick and creamy. They both contain 20% of your daily requirement for both nutrients.

6- Yogurt may prevent high blood pressure

I have high blood pressure. Another reason to eat more, I guess! According to the article 70% of us consume twice the amount of salt which of course leads to hypertension, heart disease and kidney disease. Potassium in yogurt (about 600 mg per 8 oz)  helps flush the excess sodium out of your body.  A study shows that having two or more servings of yogurt were 54% less likely to develop high blood pressure. Well there you go Susan!

7- A daily serving keeps colds away.

Women eating 4 ounces a day had much stronger and more active T-cells that battle illness and infection than they did before they started consuming it- according to a study by the University of Vienna.  Interesting! I have a bit of a poor immune system. I wonder if this can by why I didn’t get a bad late winter/early spring cold this year. Hmm…

8- Yogurt makes you smile

It doesn’t cause cavities and due to the lactic acid it appears to protect your gums. Those who have at least 2 oz a day have a 60% lower risk of peridontal disease.

9- Raw doesn’t mean better

Virtually all yogurt has been pasteurized – exposed to high temperatures to kill harmful pathogens. Raw Dairy fans claim that unpasteurized milk, yogurt, and cheese are better for you because they contain more health boosting bacteria but pasteurization doesn’t kill beneficial probiotics. And raw can carry the risk of food poisoning – E.coli and salmonella.

10- Yogurt is a high protein food.

Traditional yogurt can have 5 grams of protein where as Greek can have up to 20 grams. Try and look for brands that have about 10.  My Blue Bunny Light has 6. Hmmm..

According to Fitness – What to Look For:

Per 6 ounce serving

Calories: 100-150. If you are snacking, try and stick to a lower number. My BBL is 80.

Fat: 3.5 grams of less. ( low fat or no-fat).  BBL is 0 grams

Saturated fat: 2 grams or less. BBL is 0

Protein: at least 8-10 grams  BBL is 6 grams

Sugar: 20 grams. BBL is 7 grams (and this is what Amanda really wanted me to watch out for!)

Calcium: At least 20% of dailyvalue. BBL is 20%

Vitamin D: at least 20% of daily value.  BBL is 30%

Also my Blue Bunny light is 90 mg  Sodium and 240 mg potassium.  So it seems like what I am having is only lacking in protein. I think I will look for something that has a little more, but won’t increase the calories or sugar much.

So that is our first Magazine Monday. Lots o’ typing involved!

380 Days and counting…


2 responses to “Magazine Monday: Let’s get cultured!

  1. Wow! I had no idea. I used to eat yogurt every morning. Of course I also added some M&Ms Minis to the cup but at least I was eating yogurt. Bean loves yogurt. I like the berry flavored ones but haven’t found a plain one that I really like.

    • I used to either get raspberry or strawberry flavored until The Trainer forced me off it it. Blue Bunny light has a good White Cranberry Strawberry and Cranberry Raspberry. Or it maybe White Cranberry Raspberry and Cranberry Strawberry.. some combo like that. Very good. I am thinking of adding a second yogurt to my day after reading this, so I might go with one of those for the second.

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