And One to Go….

Crap. I turned 49 today.

You know that feeling when you are driving around. It’s a great day. Blue skies. Perfect temperature.  Windows are rolled down, The Stones are in the  CD player.. and you are just tooling around town. Not a care in the world.

Suddenly a kid runs out in front of you. You lay on the brakes. Your tires squeal. You lurch forward and then backwards quickly and suddenly as you come to that abrupt stop.

That’s turning 49.

50 was always so far off.  A goal that seemed so far away you could go ahead and eat the donut.  Go ahead and order that pizza. After all 50 is a long long ways away.

Nope. It’s 364 days, 9 hours and 31 minutes away.

My body has been trying to warn me. Especially when I blow dry my hair and see all the gray. Oh sure for months I kept allowing myself to think “Isn’t it interesting how my hair is getting lighter” or “The lighting in the locker room certainly makes my hair look odd”.  It’s called gray. Yes, sure it all looks brown from a distance, but I am shocked at how much gray I am seeing when I blow dry. Maybe the answer is that I should stop blow drying my hair. There you go… good plan. Avoidance has always been my friend!

I worked out this morning since I took the day off from work. I could have taken the day off from that too, but I have done that a lot over the last two weeks. Last week I had a cold and missed work a couple days and felt crappy the rest of the week so I didn’t work out at all.  This week I have been lazy or busy or… well…both. It’s endurance week and that is the sweatiest week of all. Monday when I came home, I was soaking wet. It was really the first hard work out I had done in about a week and a half and I really felt it . Today I didn’t feel nearly as out of it.

I’ll make this short and simple.

Plank off the bench 60 seconds

Modified push ups – 15

Renegade row – 15. Basically this is like the plank off the bench except you are holding a 15 lb kettle bell and doing a row. 15 on each arm.

Lunges with a 15 lb kettlebell. Hold the kettlebell up to your chest and do 15 lunges on each side.

2 laps around the track

Military press with a 10lb kettle bell. 15 on each side.

Here is a video of the military press with kettle bell like I do.. the music is annoying -sorry

Single arm swings with 10lb kettlebell   15 of these too

Good Mornings! 15 of these with a 15 lb kettlebell

Weighted Crunches with the 15 lb kettle bell, holding it out infront of you and keeping it still as you do your crunch. Do 20 of these

2 laps around the track again…

And repeat is all one more time!

On friday I will meet with Amanda and I think we will so strength. So that means increased weight, decreased reps,

but probably doing 3 sets of everything. Fun.

So I guess from here we just move forward and deeper into 49. Hopefully coming out the other side. Fit and sadly…50.


2 responses to “And One to Go….

  1. Your workout routine, and your commitment to your workout routine, is impressive. By the time you hit 50 you’ll feel like 30! Happy birthday.

    • Thanks! I am not sure if “impressive” is the term my trainer would use. More like whiny and lazy probably! The real test will be in a month when she goes in maternity leave for 2 months… how much of a slacker will I be then!

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