My arms.. my achin’ arms!

Due to barely being able to lift my arms all weekend, I wasn’t able to post about my latest workout.However the biceps and pecs seems to have overcome their problems -until I work ’em out tonight- so let’s blog!

Before we get down to business, let’s talk about this:

This is a shirt that is now selling at Urban Outfitters. I read about it from an entertainment blog I follow, and apparently actress Sophia Bush is calling for a boycott of Urban Outfitters. I am always up for a good boycott, and who cares if I couldn’t fit in their clothes anyway. I am all in! You can read about it on her blog:

Now back to our regularly scheduled whine.  Strength week. Arg!

Of course we start with our plank.  Off a bench and hold it for 60 seconds.  Much easier than on the floor! This is whine free!

Now Let’s work OUT!

Everything is 8 reps and we are doing the whole workout three times… and doing them at Tempo. Fun!

First is the Tricep extension.  So stand at the cable machine, with the straight bar for the handle.  have the cable machine set so the bar is about at your waist.. maybe a little higher. Palms down. Pull down on a 1 count. And then back up on a 4 count (that’s tempo!). I am at 70lbs with this. Do 8 reps.

Pec Fly: I have the weakest pecs on the planet (there’s the whine!). Lay down on the weight bench. A 20lb dumbbell in each hand a extend your arms up above you. Now try to keep your arms straight and open up your arms. Ouch. Truthfully I can barely do 20lbs and had to move down to the 15s.  The tempo part is that you are opening your arms at a 1 count and then bringing them back up at a 4 count. Ouch.. did I  say that already? 8 reps!

It’s like this except laying on a bench and ignore her legs!

Bicep Curl: So stand at the cable machine, with the straight bar for the handle.  Have the cable machine set low so the bar is at about your upper thigh. Palms up. Pull up on a 1 count. And then back down on a 4 count (that’s tempo!) I am at a wimpy 40 lbs on this one.  Amanda had it at 45 but I was overcompensating for weak biceps by rocking back a bit. So we lowered it.

Lat Pull down: I am doing 75 lbs on this and it was hard.  I think last time she had me do this, she had me at 70lb and I backed it down to 65. I am paying for that now.  Tempo is pull down on a 1 count and raise it up on a 4 count.

Lat Machines

Hamstring Curls: These are seated on a hamstring weight machine thingy!

Like this little guy:

So push down with the legs on a 1 count and bring it back up on a 4 count.  I am doing 85 lbs. I think that might be too light actually.

And then the ol’ One Leg Press:

Our machine isn’t as inclined as this one. I used to use one where you would lay down but they replaced that machine. This picture has her using two legs. I do one at a time because my left leg was weak from a fall a few years ago and we are trying to strengthen it up. So i am doing this one legged, at 80 lbs, and tempo is straighten the leg on a 1 count (this actually slides the seat back) and then  bend the knee on a four count (sliding the seat back forward) and of course you are doing 8 on each leg.

And now we do our core move which this time in the damn Bird Dog.

Bird Dog Extension

core exercises photos

You are doing 20 of these on each side. So you are extending out and then moving back in, trying to bring your elbow to your knee. A move that this fat chick fails at every time! Oh well!

And just when you think you are done… you have to start with the plank and repeat it all… then start with the plank and repeat it all again.

Part of the reason for strength week is to help break down and then build up the muscle tissue.  The point is to increase the weight from where you were before, and hopefully by the end of the week, it should be easier.  Actually I am back to only seeing Amanda every other week, so I guess I should refer to it as Strength Fortnight. Hopefully that will give me enough time to get used to the weights.

And remember, after doing your strength workout, you need to have some protein and then a green within 30 minutes of your workout to help you get the best benefit. I like Muscle Milk light. It is 100 calories and lactose free.

CytoSport™ Muscle Milk® Light - Mocha Latte - CYTO SPORT - GNC

Then have a salad or something.  I don’t often follow through on that one.

Oh well..

I have a great article from Fitness called Supercharge Your Metabolism and if I ever get around to it, I will post some of it here….

….if my arms survive tonight.


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