Look, it’s me!

This post is one that is a little hard to make. I don’t let myself get photographed and I certainly don’t let anyone see the ones that happen!

Well my trainer has asked me to write a testimonial for her. She also wanted a picture of me before I started working with her, and a current one. I didn’t know if I could find a “before” picture, since, well as I stated, I don’t believe in having pictures taken of me. However I went through my files and found one. I think this was taken about January/February 2009. About 4-5 months before I started working with Amanda. Get ready.. this is a hard one to post…

Yuck. I really should have made that a thumbnail! But there I am. Fat. Fatty McFatterson.

And here, taken today by my niece is also me. Not quite as horrifying!

I see a difference, and I hope that others agree, so I am not just kidding myself about it. As I keep saying, I still have a way to go. Hopefully soon, I can update this with an even better picture.

Now I just need to hit publish and go to bed, hopefully forgetting that at 2:55 am, I posted these pictures. Oh well.

The truth is *now* out there.


9 responses to “Look, it’s me!

  1. Let there be no fear. There is a difference and your doing great. Be pound of how your doing because it’s not an easy thing to do. Go Susan!

  2. I can see a difference. I think you’re doing great. You MUST be proud of yourself. And I mean YOU MUST. No more “Fatty McFatterson”. Now it’s “Slim Down McSlimmerson”. Okay?

  3. Susan,

    I can really see a difference. I am amazed that you have the willpower
    to keep going. Pretty Nifty For Fifty. You have more guts than most
    people, so keep it up.

    • Thank you, Ms. Kay. All I can do is keep plugging away, and looking for reasons to keep me going.
      7-10 hours in plane headed to London is the main one right now! Hopefully at some point I can
      add another picture that shows even more of a difference. One of me and some hot British dude.

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