Changes.. finally

Well there is it. The long dark wait is over. I have officially changed the name of my blog.

An Iowa Life.

It’s just one single life in Iowa.  I don’t expect it to be a representation of every Iowan’s life,

Just me.

Just mine.


Where this goes and where I take it are up in the air, but with a more generalized title I think

I will feel like I can post more about anything.

Like this.

That was sitting in my parking lot today. Poor old chair. I’ve been feeling a lot like that lately.

So has my blog.

Poor thing.


Procrastination and Change

You know how it is right?

You take a semester off of college and never go back.
You take some time off from working out and you never go back.
You take a week or so off from blogging and then just can’t get inspired to start again.

I’m two for three.
I am still working out.
4-5 times a week.

Still working out with Amanda twice a month. Still haven’t lost any weight since November.

Oh and Doughnuts and Pizza. Don’t ask. Some things just aren’t quittable (a new word!). Arg!

It’s hard to write about working out and getting fit and losing weight, when out of those three things, all you are accomplishing are the working out part.

Getting to where I wanted to be by the time I turned 50 in July isn’t going to happen, unless a large part of me get amputated. Some things aren’t amputatable (another new word!).

London has been postponed. If I come into some big money, then it is happening in October, if not, then next spring. The Year of Susan has been postponed… no delayed… no… maybe elongated. It’s gonna be a long year. Yep, it’s gonna be a long one! Hopefully not too long. Still, too long.

Anyway, I have been thinking about changing this blog a little bit. I will need to come up with a new name for it, however it will still feature stuff about my weight loss struggle. I just want to incorporate other things in it as well. I have another blog, practically long forgotten called “Watching Bad TV” and I think I will probably do away with that blog, and when some show drives me crazy, just write about it here. I have also been planning to do a blog on my going through my family tree at and  since I couldn’t find a good title for it, it never happened. So I will write about that too.

Basically, this blog is going Multipurpose. I will tag all of my weight loss and working out stuff with “Fit for 50” so if that is all you are interested it, you should be able to ignore everything else and just find The Fit for 50 tag.

The big question is.. what do I change the name of this blog to? No one knows yet. It’s a mystery.
I would like something 3-4 syllables and maybe some alliteration as well. I’ll be thinking about it.
If you have any ideas… use the comments.

Thanks… and see you around.
Sooner than later.
I hope.