Life in The Junction

Valley Junction, the historic part of the town I live in, has a farmers market every Thursday evening. Also along with that is Music in The Junction. I meet my friends there most Thursdays from May to October. It’s a big part of my social life and something that I miss after market season is over. Living alone, I guess I have come to depend on certain things for regular social outings. This is the big one!

Here is a guy playing a violin in the doorway of the newly remodeled original city hall. The “doorway” he is standing in was the entrance for the fire truck… back in the day.

I don’t know these people… thankfully…

Saturday and Sunday this past weekend was “Smokin’ in the Junction”. A Barbeque contest and they had bands playing from about 11am-10pm both nights. We went down on Saturday.

Here are my peeps:

Note that not much is happening by us. We sat at our usual location where we normally sit on Thursdays but instead of the band being at the permanent stage in front of us.. it was over on the main street. Over there under the arch:

Here are some crowd shots:

And what would we do if there wasn’t a guy in a kilt at the temporary tattoo stand:

So that’s where I will be most Thursdays this summer. My hope is that this will help me get out of my little “funk” and get back to it.